The LaRose Family Foundation has been founded to continue the work of Ginger LaRose, who unfortunately left us with much work to be done.

Our Story

After a brief and intense battle with Melanoma, Ginger Stinnett-LaRose passed away on July 15, 2018. When her children were growing up, she traveled almost every weekend with them to golf, soccer, and volleyball tournaments. She kissed boo-boos, big and small, refereed many sibling rivalries, and gently and wisely guided her babies on the path to becoming amazing adults. 

She wasn’t just a gifted mother, wife and friend; she was also an artist and humanitarian, advocating for childhood education, children’s rights, equality, justice and peace. She worked as an office manager for a law firm, a Girl Scout Leader, board member for a family literacy program, school volunteer and advocated for a cancer survivor network. In everything she did, Ginger loved and gave herself completely.

We were founded to enact change for our four basic pillars: childhood education, justice, healthcare, and the environment. We hope to honor her legacy by creating scholarships and giving grants to individuals and organizations that further our mission.


Following fundraising efforts, the LaRose Foundation is now able to do some charitable giving. We plan to donate $1,000 to kick off 2019 by giving a grant to two local public school libraries for books and other materials. Also, we are giving a donation to a local Blount County School system initiative which sends each child home with his or her very own book. Studies support the impact that book ownership makes on young lives and we are extremely excited to be a partner for this project.